Assured Telematics: Real-time Asset Data with Fleet Management App

Frank Pellitta, President, Assured TelematicsFrank Pellitta, President
Telematics is the pathway to success in the logistics industry. Companies with greater insight into the movement and health of their vehicles can significantly augment their productivity and performance. While a telematics system can create an overwhelming amount of fleet data, much of the value of the data cannot be achieved without effectively sharing that information across different applications and systems. As a pacesetter in the logistics landscape, Assured Telematics Inc. (ATI) builds customer-centric telematics solutions that are designed to share data throughout the customer’s infrastructure, creating a bigger picture view of the fleet. Also critical for logistics companies is the ability to intelligently react to developing situations through real-time access to the data. Frank Pellitta, President of Assured Telematics, explains: “Our real-time fleet management app allows monitoring vehicles and resources from any mobile device, ensuring always-connected logistics management.”

Assured Telematics uses the Geotab GO7, a de-facto industry standard vehicle-tracking device to collect vast amounts of fleet data. The device leverages plug and play technology, making it easy for the customers to use and greatly reducing installation time and cost. “The key to this device is its ability to interface with the common diagnostic ports of vehicles,” states Pellitta. Using the fleet data collected and analyzed by ATI, companies gain crucial visibility on how to improve their corporate efficiency and concrete metrics on how to measure their progress. Fluctuating fuel costs, dynamic road conditions, costly vehicle downtime, and questionable driver practices are a few of the concerns in the fleet management arena. “To solve industry-wide fleet challenges, we provide complete, customized, and cost-effective solutions on standardized platforms,” says Pellitta. “Our customers benefit from a fleet monitoring service as well as downloadable apps that extend system capabilities and provide integration to dozens of back-office services.”

We know that data analysis means little without understanding, so we enhance that analysis by interjecting the human element and personalized interpretation for our customers

ATI also provides a Fleet Concierge service that empowers managers to quickly gain insights on the data they’re receiving. The Fleet Concierge is a big-data powered service—with a personal, human touch—that points out critical issues like poor driver performance, prematurely wearing parts, and vehicle breakdowns. “We utilize state of the art analysis tools such as Tableau to provide comprehensive yet easy to read reports constructed by our engineering team,” says Pellitta. “Customers receive their Concierge Report on a weekly or monthly basis and have access to our Engineering Team to review the resulting data with them.”

Customer satisfaction is the key aspect of every successful business, and ATI ensures it with a philosophy of blending innovation with expertise to deliver better solutions. The company combines customers’ feedback with its experience in the telematics industry. “Our culture of innovation, market experience, and engineering excellence are the things that truly differentiate us from our competition,” says Pellitta.

Assured Telematics is continuing to focus its attention on the growing field of big data analysis. ATI’s vision is to deliver clearer data insights to customers that drastically enhance their productivity. “We know that data analysis means little without understanding, so we enhance that analysis by interjecting the human element and personalized interpretation for our customers,” concludes Pellitta.