Coretex: Inventive Solutions to Meet Compliance Requirements and Drive Productivity

Selwyn Pellett, Founder and CEO, CoretexSelwyn Pellett, Founder and CEO
Today, CIOs and businesses are faced with increasing compliance requirements for logistics operations and their mobile assets. Legislation targeting driver safety, food safety and usage road charging are key drivers today in a number of global markets. Coretex has a clear vision to support businesses to implement solutions that meet their compliance requirements and deliver productivity into many elements of the business with increased intelligence around their mobile assets.

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Coretex is a fast growing and dynamic mobile resource management and telematics solution provider that is addressing the issue with efficient compliance and business intelligence technology to enable transport operators to optimize their core business process. “Our secure and high functioning fleet management platform provides efficient compliance and functions with minimal manual intervention,” says Selwyn Pellett, CEO, Coretex.

Coretex was formed by merging two major organizations, International Telematics and Imarda to deliver single point of truth business systems. With the latest trends—Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud, data is becoming a key strategic business tool. Coretex aggregates data from various source points and converts that into rich reports, alerts and notifications that can be used by the business to make smart business decisions. “We see ourselves as contextualizers of large disparate data in real-time,” says Pellett.

The company’s compliance function includes road user charging, food safety, driver safety, driver fatigue and safety check processes. Under the safety function, organizations can monitor driver behavior such as speed, braking, acceleration, hours-of-service and fatigue processes. Coretex’s solution includes the ability to provide instant feedback, encouraging safer driving and reducing incidents. In addition, the company’s fleet efficiency function helps in fleet optimization, asset utilization, fuel usage, waiting time, product wastage, and maintenance.

Our secure and high functioning fleet management platform provides efficient compliance and functions with minimal manual intervention

The company’s i360 is a next-generation platform. The key differentiating factor is its Action Engine that allows customers to automate functions as required by the client. It takes up to 150 different inputs and aggregates that data into intelligent information and based on the customer’s requirements, organizations can take that information to drive automated actions. “Our product is a unique piece of software that drives real efficiencies for enterprises by automating their operational procedures,” asserts Pellett. For example – Coretex’s automated controls on refrigerated trucks can be centrally managed to regulate temperatures on refrigeration trucks, minimizing potential claims and spoilage of goods. Coretex’s Action Engine provides real-time information on trucks so that organizations can have significant accuracy on delivery times along with richer reporting information for firms.

Coretex’s solutions are underpinned with advanced SaaS and hardware capabilities that delivers high definition real time visibility of fleet assets. “We have become extremely capable in verticals and industries where our platforms and expertise are aligned to deliver deeper value–cold chain, waste and recycling, construction, and transport and logistics,” says Pellett. “We manage the entire decision cycle of organizations by optimizing their system, while amalgamating safety and asset utilization features.”

Driven by the purpose of ‘Driving Intelligence’, Coretex wants to help shape the industry. “We have a saying– it’s not the size of the tick on the box, but size of the box that the tick goes into—signifying its more than vehicle tracking, it’s about delivering real time intelligence,” adds Pellett. With deep industry knowledge and focus on change management services, Coretex plans to deepen their capabilities in their core focus areas to deliver more productive real-time intelligence.