Decisiv: Cloud-Based Collaboration and Communication

Dick Hyatt, President & CEO, DecisivDick Hyatt, President & CEO
Commercial vehicles, the core assets of organizations that provide the transportation of goods from one point to another, are both literally and figuratively the driving force behind the nation’s economy. Too often, however, chaos in the fleet management process throughout the trucking industry decreases asset uptime and cost efficiency, and hampers revenue generation and profitability.

For Glen Allen, Virginia-based Decisiv, Inc., it was that chaotic maintenance management process that presented an opportunity. Founded in 2001, the provider of Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions for commercial assets is solving fleet maintenance communication and collaboration challenges for a growing number of companies.

Today, an entire service supply ecosystem is using Decisiv’s SRM technology. Heading up the company’s world-class team of industry and technology experts is President and CEO Dick Hyatt, who has more than 25 years of experience building, managing and growing early stage technology companies.

“Our SRM platform is being used by 1,200 fleets with 500,000 assets and more than 3,000 service providers,” Hyatt says. “Decisiv’s cloud-based software, mobile applications and services enable enterprises to more effectively manage, monitor and report on service and repair event interactions independent of asset type, service provider or device. We deliver the right information to the right place at the right time for more effective management decision-making.”

The Decisiv SRM solution enables real-time, frictionless access to data, communications and third-party content through a suite of products. Included are Case, a management solution that aggregates in-context data from a variety of systems, suppliers and technologies, Vision, a decision support tool, and Insite, an advanced reporting capability.

Without the need to access multiple systems or portals, the Decisiv SRM platform provides access to information at the point of service. It improves communication, keeps everything organized and eliminates data entry.

We deliver the right information to the right place at the right time for more effective management decision-making

In field operations, the same practices and standards can be applied by enabling information access on smartphones and tablets. Increasingly, integration with on-board telematics assists in collecting diagnostic information, which helps make more effective decisions about vehicle repairs.

“A more comprehensive and transparent view of what’s happening with commercial assets improves the service event management process,” Hyatt states. “Aggregating and making accessible all relevant information shortens the length of service events, which boosts asset uptime.” Data analytics improves visibility so users can identify trends and issues.

“We enable those improvements through a service supply chain ecosystem,” Hyatt adds. “The Decisiv Network Alliance is a group of leading companies committed to driving uptime and maximizing asset utilization by using, supplying and integrating services, content and technology with the Decisiv SRM platform.”

The wide-ranging scope of integrations available within the Decisiv platform brings together truck, trailer and component manufacturers, dealers and independent service providers, and fleet maintenance, telematics and service provider business systems.

Recently, as part of its strategy to provide a cloud-based Platform-as-a- Service (PaaS), Decisiv migrated its SRM solution to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS infrastructure allows for growth and provides significant performance advantages.

“Fleet management professionals make service event management decisions every day that impact asset uptime and cost efficiency,” Hyatt says. “With our Service Relationship Management solution, we eliminate confusion, enabling more intuitive choices that provide a competitive advantage.”