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Syed Aman, Co-Founder & CEO, Hwy HaulSyed Aman, Co-Founder & CEO
According to a recent Bloomberg study, the shortage of truckers in the U.S. is expected to more than double over the next decade as the trucking industry struggles to replace aging drivers and recruit women. In light of this driver shortage, the logistics industry is also experiencing a significant increase in the number of empty miles—distance (miles) driven without carrying a shipment—with each passing year. Syed Aman, an industry veteran in supply chain and logistics technology, believes that this challenge can be mitigated by digitalizing the current manual process of connecting shipping enterprises and carrier firms. According to Aman, “To improve driver capacities, we need to replace the 100 people that are hired to make phone calls at brokerage firms with just 10 computers deployed on the cloud.” With this vision to disrupt the $800 billion transportation market by enhancing the connectivity between shippers and carriers, Aman co-founded Hwy Haul along with Sharan Grewal and Zahed Khan, who are industry veterans in their own right.

“With my expertise in supply chain and technology, Sharan’s experience in product development, and Zahed’s know-how of owing a shipping and trucking business, Hwy Haul was built as a well-rounded and uniquely positioned digital freight matching platform,” mentions Aman, who is also the CEO of Hwy Haul. During his eight-year stint in the technology labs at Walmart, Aman (an Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur alumnus) met Grewal, while Khan and Aman have been friends for over a decade. This chemistry between Aman and his co-founders enabled the trio to narrow down the specifics for Hwy Haul as a platform capable of disrupting the fleet management and logistics landscapes.

The company’s digital freight matching platform leverages a patented algorithm to match shipping loads with the nearest truck drivers. “The algorithm we built maps shipments with thousands of drivers without the need for brokers, thereby minimizing the related costs and inefficiencies,” says Aman. The platform reduces empty miles by offering its shipper portal, which enables shipping businesses to connect with drivers in their vicinity. Once a shipment is uploaded on the platform, drivers choose the shipping load that aligns with their route and other preferences. In this way, the platform ensures that every load is assigned to a driver that can pick it up without having to travel hundreds of miles.

The algorithm we built maps shipments with thousands of drivers without the need for brokers, thereby minimizing the related costs and inefficiencies

Delving deeper, Aman elaborates on the flexibility of the Hwy Haul platform and mentions its ability to integrate with any transportation management system (TMS) deployed by a shipper. At the same time, the platform offers a web-based portal for old-fashioned shippers who do not leverage a TMS and prefer to manually feed in the details of their shipping loads. Above all, the platform ensures on-time delivery of shipments with its ability to provide accurate driver locations, real-time freight tracking and smart alerts in case of exceptions. On the other hand, truck drivers can book a shipping load with a single click of the button via Hwy Haul’s mobile app, which allows them to increase their income by minimizing the brokerage costs and empty miles.

Riding on the coattails of such unmatched features, Hwy Haul has created several success stories since its inception. The company serves and has partnerships with numerous Fortune 100 and 200 companies. In addition, Hwy Haul has a proven track record of delivering shipments to marquee destinations like Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Target, among others. Looking ahead, Aman aims to grow the first-year traction of his company tenfold with his strategy to focus on building a team that is capable of maturing the Hwy Haul platform and expand its user base.

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Hwy Haul

Hwy Haul

Santa Clara, CA

Syed Aman, Co-Founder & CEO

Hwy Haul was established with a mission to digitalize freight brokerage and disrupt the $800B Transportation market. They aim to deploy technology for connecting enterprises to truckers in a seamless manner and foster a transparent and reliable transaction eliminating any intermediary friction. With Hwy Haul's convenient and easy to use system supports truckers, shippers, and carriers, making it easy for everyone to connect, book, and confirm loads in real-time. The company uses the latest technology and innovative software to ensure that they offer the best solution to both truckers and shippers. Utilizing machine learning and advanced data analytics, Hwy Haul provides the best-optimized shipping truckload service