I.D. Systems [NASDAQ:IDSY]: New-Age Fleet Management

Chris Wolfe, CEO, I.D. SystemsChris Wolfe, CEO
With operational costs increasing on a day-to-day basis, it is more vital than ever for enterprises to implement efficient fleet management solutions for improved fleet visibility, driver satisfaction, and better ROI. Having started as a Radio Frequency Identification technology company, I.D. Systems [NASDAQ:IDSY] has come a long way today to offer best-in-class fleet management solutions coupled with tools to leverage big data and IoT for intelligent management of fleet workflows. The company develops Vehicle Management Solutions (VMS) and devices that track and monitor end-to-end fleet operations while collecting data through easy-to-install hardware connected to I.D Systems’ smart software platform. The company provides insight into overall fleet operations that enables fleet owners to understand the ebb and flow of their fleet activity. “I.D. Systems’ capabilities and market position, ideally positions us to capitalize on the global Industrial Internet of Things revolution,” says Chris Wolfe, CEO, I.D. Systems.

Understanding the need for visibility and accountability across enterprise fleet management processes to access comprehensive, business operations, I.D. Systems offers PowerFleet—a key solution with capabilities to provide industrial and operational data. Designed to easily integrate with any operations and existing systems, PowerFleet’s Vision Software provides detailed dashboards and customizable reports that help managers measure fleet and operator productivity and performance. It eliminates unnecessary overtime pay by tracking motion hours, lifts made, and login time. The solution further improves workplace safety along multiple vectors including restricting vehicle access to trained operators, vehicle inspection checklist compliance, impact detection, and monitoring and reporting unsafe driving and safety violations. The solution also locks-out unsafe vehicles till they are repaired and declared good to go.

PowerFleet’s Vision Software provides detailed dashboards and customizable reports that help managers measure fleet and operator productivity and performance

Furthermore, targeting the ground operations for airlines and airport authorities, the company’s AvRamp facilitates smooth operations ensuring safety and on-time, reliable support. The solution features a plethora of safety measures including geo-fencing to secure runways and unauthorized areas; real-time equipment visibility on the airfield; vehicle speed management and impact sensing; and automatic, on-vehicle driver authentication system.

The customer success story of Continental Tire (CT), where the client reduced abuse and damage associated with industrial vehicles within their facility is a testimony to I.D systems’ expertise in bringing value to fleet handling. With a facility spanning approximately 70 acres under one roof, CT managers were often not notified of unsafe conditions including facility, rack, and inventory damage due to careless handling of vehicles. CT management identified several challenges that could be rectified with an efficient VMS. To resolve the issue, I.D. Systems implemented PowerFleet, establishing accountability for every vehicle through operator logins and ensuring only trained drivers operated the vehicles. This made the operators responsible for their actions that follow, which also paved the path for a safe working environment. With the new partnership, CT has forecasted a 33 percent improvement in vehicle-related damage in the warehouse alone.

Over the years, I.D. Systems has been successfully catering to the industry challenge of harnessing massive amounts of information that transform business outcomes. This year, the company plans to upgrade their existing VMS customers to next generation products. “Looking ahead, we remain focused on unlocking the growth potential within our existing VMS customer base and the overall market. We aim to achieve this by becoming the premier telematics solutions provider, through improved operational discipline and more focused sales execution,” concludes Wolfe.