Melton Technologies: Simplifying Fleet Management Operations

CIO VendorChunk Melton, Founder
"Improved information, and decision making leads to increased profits,” says Chuck Melton, Founder Melton Technologies. Right from pioneering the introduction of personal computers to the transportation industry over three decades ago, Melton Technologies (MTI) has always been about making it easier for trucking companies to embrace new technology with high quality trucking software.

As a provider of PC-based trucking software, covering various aspects of fleet management operations, the constant endeavor at Melton has been to streamline the process of tracking a shipment or load from initial entry to final billing, and final trip settlement. “We want to provide real-time information and make it accessible by customer, load, driver, tractor, and trailer and highlight opportunities and identify challenges,” says Chuck. Leveraging its rich history to an entirely new platform, Melton is focused on offering the latest technology to provide customers with the option that they haven’t previously had– the power of the cloud.

Catering to numerous customers currently working with their desktop product, Horizon, the Melton team in partnership with the Greensboro-based Morton Motor Express, bringing in the advantage of cloud through its new product—DeliverMe. Based on the Circle of Service—acknowledging a load, picking it up, bringing it to final delivery—concept, “DeliverMe” is a cloud based shipment/driver status system that integrates with the Horizon desktop product. “By providing the driver with a tablet, he is able to relay real-time shipment as well as critical information to the office and in-turn receives the necessary updates and instructions. “Real time information always increases efficiency. The innovation—it takes a tablet and provides applications that were previously limited to on-board devices,” adds Melton.

We want to provide real-time information and make it accessible by customer, load, driver, tractor, and trailer and highlight opportunities and identify challenges

Additionally, the firm has also introduced Horizon Business Analytics that allows customer to drill down into their data and highlight opportunities and areas of concern. “Mabe Trucking, a truckload fleet based in Eden NC employs the Horizon Business Analytics tool to analyze how long a trailer is spotted, manage customer loads, and identify the areas where loads are not covered,” says Melton. They even use it to match loads to the best driver/ dispatcher.

In addition to improving and enhancing their existing desktop product, Chuck’s focus in the last 18 months has been on developing a cloud-based product, Horizon Web in line with MTI’s vision for the future. “The power of the cloud and an updated platform offers significant advantages,” informs Melton. “For example, a lot of data synchronization had to be done behind the scenes to enable a driver to communicate with our desktop product. Deemed as a game changer in fleet management, Horizon Web provides a fast, convenient, and cost-effective fleet management and integration system, which allows drivers or other staff to interface using desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices via the office or out on the road.

“Our cloud product will allow us to deploy and support the technology cost effectively to serve the small to mid-sized carrier market,” states Chuck. Along with several other companies, Melton was a pioneer in bringing the personal computer to the transportation industry over three decades ago. “With the advent of the smart phone, the tablet, and web-based platforms, we are again on the cusp of a 'brave new world',” concludes Chuck.