Samsara: Comprehensive and Real-Time Fleet Technology

Kiren Sekar, VP Marketing & Product Management, SamsaraKiren Sekar, VP Marketing & Product Management
In the modern world, it is easier for companies to spread their operations farther and wider than ever before. This is largely due to cellular, wireless, mobile, cloud, and other technologies that have developed in the past few decades. However, as a company’s fleet expands, and the territory that it operates in grows, it can become challenging to adequately and safely manage operations.

Samsara, an innovative San Francisco-based tech company, is attempting to solve this problem. Samsara has developed a wireless sensor system for fleets that can help monitor crucial data that is relative for a business’s operation. The data from these sensors can be captured through extensible software, and then stored on the cloud. The end result is that companies can have access to crucial information from their entire fleet, in many different locations, in real-time. This has the power to be extremely helpful for many different businesses.

Speaking on the need for Samsara’s products in the market, VP Marketing and Product Management at the company, Kiren Sekar, says, “Our customers have a common set of challenges. They’re focused on the operating efficiency of their business, the safety of their team, improving their customer service, and staying compliant with regulations.”

Samsara’s products can help with all of these challenges. As Sekar explains, “Samsara offers a complete technology solution for fleets, with everything integrated in a single system. From GPS tracking to ELD, dash cameras, engine diagnostics, temperature and cargo sensors, driver safety assessment, and dispatching—we combine it all in a single piece of software, and we make it simple to use.”

Samsara offers a complete technology solution for fleets, with everything integrated in a single system

So, essentially, when a company purchases and implements the products offered by Samsara, they gain a much more powerful surveilling capability of all of the critical components of their business. This can include fleet telematics, energy monitoring, temperature monitoring, industrial sensing, and asset monitoring.

Real-time technology can be extremely useful for companies that have temperature sensitive equipment or materials in their fleet, such as food vendors. Speaking on this, Sekar says, “Everything the operator sees in their system is accurate up to the second. And when you have a large fleet with vehicles and assets moving very quickly, that becomes very powerful for them.”

Samsara tries to make their products extremely easy to use, not just for the people monitoring the data, but also for the drivers who will be taking the vehicles in the fleet out into the field. The easier that everyone on the team can use the products, the more effective they will be.

Samsara has been doing extremely well since its founding in 2015, and Sekar believes that the company has a very bright future. In fact, Sekar states, “We doubled the size of our team (in the last year) and plan to double again in the coming year across all areas, including R&D. We have exciting new products on the roadmap, and new features coming across all of our product lines.”

If the next few years go as well as Sekar expects, Samsara could become a real force to be reckoned with in the fleet management industry.