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Bek Abdullayev, Founder & CEO, Super DispatchBek Abdullayev, Founder & CEO Although various industries have been adopting the latest technologies to streamline their workflow and meet customer needs easily, the car hauling industry continues relying on paper-based workflow, hampering the results. In addition, the lack of resources to operate efficiently poses a stiff challenge to business outcomes. Addressing this issue, the Kansas City-based logistics technology company, Super Dispatch has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. Super Dispatch offers a robust carrier transportation management system (TMS) that helps carriers operate efficiently through seamless connectivity between everyone involved in a car hauling transaction. This TMS enables car hauling companies to seamlessly run their business on one platform. “By bringing the entire order lifecycle management in one place, Super Dispatch’s unified platform helps carriers of all sizes monitor their trucks, drivers, payments, compliance, workflow, and reporting in real-time,” says Bek Abdullayev, Founder and CEO of the company. The end-to-end platform also has free access to a built-in online marketplace for carriers, brokers, and shippers to ship a car securely and quickly.

With Super Dispatch’s TMS, carriers can receive orders, assist the dispatchers in building loads and trips, and send those orders to the drivers from a central location, using a simple interface—saving time and cost.

Moreover, the platform allows drivers to collect electronic signatures and photos of the cars they are transporting, so they can record condition reports of the vehicle while providing updates to the back office. Once the cars are delivered, as an extension of the clients’ billing and accounting teams, the platform provides the invoice and tracks payments instantly.

Carriers using Super Dispatch’s TMS are enabled with numerous advanced features, including Quickbooks integration and a proprietary API to connect with additional software systems such as CRM and fleet management systems. Leveraging the platform’s ability to electronically pull information on the orders through electronic data interchange (EDI) technology, carriers can update their customers in real-time. They can also use the API to enable fleets to streamline communication between internal and external systems. In the absence of efficient engineering resources, shippers can use Zapier integration to connect Super Dispatch’s platform with different apps and software solutions.
“Managed by industry veterans with rich expertise in car hauling industry, Super Dispatch practices an open work culture and maintains a client-centric approach to business execution,” affirms Abdullayev. The company has a history of gathering feedback from the customers and making necessary amendments accordingly in a timely manner.

Super Dispatch’s collaboration with an OEM hauler stands as a testimony to its ability to provide the right solutions to the car-hauling industry. In July 2017, OEMs instructed their preferred carriers to switch to ePOD to gather proof of delivery system that could integrate with their own TMS. Super Dispatch’s integrations and swift turn-arounds helped the hauler to switch to ePOD system before the deadline. Also, the flow of cash was quicker than before as the client switched from paper to Super Dispatch’s platform.

Super Dispatch aspires to continue optimizing the growth of its clients. To help carriers load trucks fully and efficiently and improve their business outcomes, Super Dispatch is resolute to improve the performance of its platform consistently through continuous learning and listening to their customers. The company is well on its way to changing the car hauling industry by thrusting it into the future and guiding its clients along the way.

- Ava Garcia
    December 03, 2019
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Super Dispatch

Super Dispatch

Kansas City, MO

Bek Abdullayev, Founder & CEO

Super Dispatch's TMS has revolutionized the car hauling industry through cutting edge technology and a platform tailored to the unique needs of car hauliers. The company provides operational efficiency by significantly reducing the amount of time and money it takes to complete the vehicle shipping procedure. Thousands of Carriers using Super Dispatch are getting paid faster, eliminating paperwork and streamlining every aspect of their car hauling operation in a fraction of the time it took before. Super Dispatch's TMS solves car hauliers everyday challenges by putting cutting edge technology in the hands of fleets