Agnik LLC: Highly Scalable Fleet Telematics Solutions Using Distributed Data Analytics Algorithms

CIO VendorHillol Kargupta, Co-founder and President
Today organizations are turning to analytic capabilities to drive decision-making. But with the different types of decisions that have to be made, multiplied by the different types of analytic capabilities available, it is difficult for organizations to choose the right capabilities for the situations at hand. To adopt the right combination of capabilities, businesses need an approach that is decision-led, role-centric, affordable, and innovative. To this need, Dr. Hillol Kargupta, Co-founder and President of Agnik remarks, “We take advanced data analytics capabilities and create value for fleet managers in a way that is easy to understand and execute.” Agnik—a big data vehicle analytics firm, provides a wide range of telematics products and platforms for the consumer, fleet, insurance, vehicle-repair-services and automotive OEM markets.

Perhaps most interestingly, the Maryland-based firm now provides a software-based platform that enables fleet vehicle data to be captured purely from a smartphone, thus eliminating the need for OBD-II or blackbox devices. Named MineFleetLite™, the driver simply installs an app on their phone and the fleet manager can then monitor, track, and route his/her fleet from the web-based user portal. This solution is extremely cost-effective and scalable and could be a real game-changer for fleets of all sizes. “To minimize the core consumption and protect privacy we offer a phone-based telematics platform backed up by all the fleet management applications that we have built,” delineates Kargupta.

Intended to create value for customers, MineFleetLite™ was used to assist a company in which the fleet owners were seeking a solution that would allow them to view their vehicles in one database in order to compare usage in terms of routes driven, hours of service, driver behavior and protect their assets. Agnik offered the client a cost-effective solution that was simple to implement and also easy to quickly assess ROI. Agnik’s MineFleetLite™ app also provided maintenance reminders and recall notifications based on actual mileage driven.

We take advanced data analytics capabilities and create value for fleet managers

During the implementation, the customer was able to easily add and remove vehicles as their needs changed, without the need to order equipment or worry about the cost of unused equipment.

With deeper insights and moving towards the future, the firm aims in being data-centric. “We are seeing interesting opportunities in terms of blending IoT view of data from multiple sources. We support our cloud services in every major continent,” concludes Kargupta.

Just like Agnik’s smartphone-only telematics products, Agnik’s device-based fleet management product, MineFleet®, is powered by Agnik’s unique patented onboard data stream mining technology that analyzes data onboard the vehicle and sends the resulting analytics to the server over the wireless networks. This powerful data stream mining software is used for modeling, benchmarking, and monitoring of vehicle health, emissions, driver behavior, fuel-consumption, and fleet characteristics. Agnik Onboard data analytics software is available on many different OBD-II dongles, telematics devices, and smartphones which cuts down the communication cost by more than a factor of 100. It is also available on many different types of hardware platforms with cellular, satellite, and various short range communication channels for supporting light and heavy duty vehicles.

Agnik also offers a consumer-focused, vehicle-based services platform for drivers called Vyncs™. Vyncs™ offers an expansive collection of services that includes comprehensive vehicle health monitoring, insurance benefits from major insurance carriers, and a wide-range of location-based services.

Powered by patented technology, Vyncs™ collects data from the vehicle's diagnostic port and supplements it with GPS and accelerometer data. Vyncs™ powers many consumer market connected car products distributed through popular retail channels.