CarrierWeb: The Power of Electronic Integration

R. Fenton-May, CEO and Chairman , CarrierWebR. Fenton-May, CEO and Chairman
With founders from trucking, information systems, logistics, and distribution backgrounds, CarrierWeb anticipated a requirement of mobile communication technology in 2001 that provides enhanced information and developed solutions to better manage transportation workflow and streamline data operations with every minute communication of data and a driver-friendly workflow. Today, with the advent of the ‘Electronic Logging Devices’ (ELD) mandate in the U.S., the company is assisting trucking and transportation companies rapidly implement ELD in trucks before the deadline in December 2017. The new regulation stipulates replacing the legacy paper logbook still used by many drivers to record their compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. As a fleet management solution provider, CarrierWeb delivers in-cab mobile communications, an ELOG solution that will be fully compliant, driver workflow and activity capture, dry trailer tracking, and two-way refrigerated command and control technology for refrigerated trailers to fulfill these current regulatory requirements of the trucking industry. Data are transferred over the cellular backbone and managed in the CarrierWeb private cloud. “We offer ELD in two categories—those that are fixed in-cab and those that can be removed from the cab: both communicate continuously with the trucking companies’ back office,” cites R. Fenton-May, CEO and Chairman, CarrierWeb. In addition, the company’s reefer monitoring devices will help refrigerated trucking companies comply with their responsibility in cold chain management and full implementation of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act; the company’s reefer management devices monitor and control refrigeration on trailers carrying temperature controlled goods.

“We designed the CarrierMate™ in-cab system to make driver workflow easier by integrating logs with driver workflow and handing him/her the information regarding truck loads, his first stop, and the necessary contacts,” explains Fenton-May.

We have designed our system to be driver friendly allowing drivers to focus on driving with minimum interface with the screen while integrating a driver-friendly workflow management with electronic logs

Onboard navigation, ALK Co-Pilot®, assists the driver to his destination. In addition, the company’s product ReeferMate® is available to monitor and control the automatic refrigeration device on a refrigerated trailer, and sends out an alarm if the trailer is at risk of falling outside the desired temperature range or running out of fuel. CarrierWeb also offers a DryTrailer management product, TrailerMate™, which helps in many ways with dry trailer management.
The CarrierWeb® products provide information that can be accessed directly from the CarrierWeb portal or passed to the trucking company’s Transport Management Solution for management in the TMS. CarrierWeb data integrates seamlessly to many major TMS. For instance, CarrierWeb data integrates seamlessly with McLeod Software of Birmingham, Alabama to boost efficiency, productivity and consumer service at B.A.H. Express in Atlanta, Georgia. “We have 200 drivers and 220 tractors which all have CarrierWeb units installed, and our drivers have electronic routing information at their fingertips and we’ve automated many of our EDI transactions,” informs Kathy Hemmings, Office Manager, B.A.H. Express, Inc.
CarrierWeb assures its clients a continuous evolution of their products with strong attention to the detailed market requirements and with a global perspective as the company is active on four continents.