GreenMile: Using SaaS Technology to Improve the Delivery Process

Ronald Barcellos, CEO, GreenMileRonald Barcellos, CEO
The “last mile–from warehouse to customer–is the most complex (and expensive) component of the supply chain where final delivery of the product to the end customer completes the labyrinth of logistics. To keep operational expenses at bay, companies are constantly pressured to lower their distribution costs while at the same time improve customer service levels. “The need to make deliveries on time while ensuring both delivery and route compliance pose major challenges,” says Ronald Barcellos, CEO, GreenMile. “Our firm helps companies lower their distribution costs through real-time visibility and proactive management of the delivery day.” The Orlando, Florida based GreenMile provides customers with route execution and optimization, real-time dispatching, mobility applications, and vehicle telematics through their cloud-based logistics suite.

The firm’s flagship offering, GreenMile Live, is a SaaS platform designed to help businesses effectively manage their mobile assets, improve customer service levels, and reduce logistics costs along with seamlessly integrating with their existing route planning software. And it’s this integration that provides one of the key benefits of the system: the ability to compare actual versus planned delivery information and to process real-time delivery data collected from the field and automatically update this information back into route planning software, enabling the creation of more accurate routes and delivery/ service scenarios.

According to Barcellos, creating an efficient route plan is important, but the real hurdle for logistics companies is ensuring that plan is executed once the drivers leave the distribution center. “The GreenMile Suite is an innovative technology platform designed to provide companies with real-time visibility over their mobile resources,” adds Barcellos. The suite compares actual delivery performance against planned routes and can proactively send alerts on any critical deviations occurring in the field, all in real time.

The GreenMile Suite was designed to help businesses effectively manage their mobile assets, improve customer service levels, and reduce logistics costs

The platform is composed of several modules, each designed for the various transportation professionals in the organization including dispatchers, drivers, merchandisers, sales representatives, service technicians, and managers.

Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), the second largest wine and spirits distributor in the U.S. relies on GreenMile’s route execution technology to manage their delivery fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles as well as provide visibility to their 2,500 sales representatives in the field. Using GreenMile, RNDC has dramatically improved the accuracy of their delivery service times. “GreenMile’s technology has actually made our routing software become smarter by updating it with better data from the field, which improved our planned routes. The result was a measurable decrease in miles driven as well as an increase in driver productivity,” says John Friel, Distribution Director for RNDC. Using the GreenMile Sales mobile application, RNDC’s sales team has access to this data while in the field, providing reps with the updated delivery status of their customers in real time–and eliminating hundreds of daily calls into the office asking the question ‘did my customer get their delivery yet?’.

In addition to software applications, GreenMile’s consulting division offers programs to help transportation companies reach the highest levels of operational efficiencies. The future continues to look bright for GreenMile. “Going forward, our vision is the continued enhancement of our platform into a world class end-to-end logistics optimization solution, with integrated modules allowing our customers to excel along every point of the last-mile supply chain,” concludes Barcellos.