iTRAK®: Forward-Thinking Fleet Management Technology

Thomas Grounds, President & CTO, iTRAK®Thomas Grounds, President & CTO
With a mission to ‘design, develop, implement, and support technologically sound, yet simple GPS tracking systems’ for commercial fleet operators, iTRAK Corporation is providing powerful tracking, mapping, and reporting solutions. As a forward-thinking company, they strive to evaluate and adopt new technologies, so their customers have the best cost/ benefit ratio for services that meet their evolving fleet management needs.

Mobile information technology has become more widespread in recent years but has been in existence since the mid ‘70s. Its original developments targeted public safety agencies and utilities that could afford the relatively high cost. iTRAK’s technology and knowledge base are rooted in the public safety and utility industries that helped forge the Fleet Management Technology in use today; as its founding engineers have a long history in the market.

It is from these early technological roots that the current modern wireless GPS vehicle tracking systems would eventually grow. Thomas Grounds, iTRAK’s President and CTO, explains, “As technology tends to move in cycles, we see the markets moving from enterprise systems, to cloud-based systems, back to Intranet/Enterprise as well as hybrid cloud/edge systems. We have the experience to anticipate these trends and we have the longevity and knowledge to understand their best cost/use for fleet managers.”

Many companies adopting tracking technology today are focused on business efficiency, cost reduction, and savings; as well for its original needs—safety and security. iTRAK places emphasis on utilizing the right mix of stable technology to meet their customer’s operational needs. Their approach is to incrementally add new technology as it stabilizes and provides an improvement in logistical and safety performance. One example of this is their integration of improved tracking systems that utilize multiple GPS/GNSS as well as Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technologies.

iTRAK places emphasis on utilizing the right mix of stable technology to meet their customer’s operational needs

By incrementally incorporating new functionality, iTRAK ensures that their customers remain competitive—disrupting their competition without disrupting their own organization.

iTRAK Fleet Executive (iFE) is a full-featured, Web-based GPS tracking solution for commercial fleets as small as 5 vehicles, to enterprise systems of 50,000 vehicles. Companies managing large fleets often face challenges handling their ‘big data’ sets of information. iFE has been developed to provide stability and efficiency for large and small fleets, utilizing multiple redundant server systems and cross-checking to verify data integrity. Designed for global deployment, iFE currently supports nine languages and can function either as a shared Internet cloud solution, or as an Intranet private enterprise solution. The system is scalable and can be dynamically expanded for either higher redundancy or greater loading requirements, across multiple geographical locations.

Based in Colorado, iTRAK is proud of its heritage as a U.S. tech company. All of their engineering and IT work, as well as their customer service and administrative work is done locally, despite substantial market pressure to outsource many of these activities. iTRAK believes in working globally with their sales and marketing partners while balancing that with technical and corporate operations in the U.S.; as well as supporting their local Colorado communities.

As they look for future trends in the fleet management landscape, iTRAK is constantly reviewing new and emerging technologies for potential integration. The company is currently analyzing the added value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to evaluate complex data sets in near real-time for exception alerting. “While the majority of the market is not ready for drone or autonomous vehicle remote management, we are beginning work on analysis that will allow us to make recommendations to our clients in the future when the technology, economics, and timing make more sense. As the market changes, iTRAK and our clients will be ready,” concludes Grounds.