Motus: Reinventing and Optimizing Fleet Management

Craig Powell, President & CEO, MotusCraig Powell, President & CEO
Three pillars successful businesses balance to thrive are costs, risk and compliance, all the while maintaining a healthy relationship with employees. In organizations that rely heavily on a mobile workforce, these pillars often seem at odds, especially given the challenges and complexity of effective fleet management.

Motus, a company renowned for its mileage reimbursement platform, provides solutions for, in the words of the company’s CEO Craig Powell, “individuals who drive non-specialty vehicles for work.” Streamlining the mileage capture and reimbursement process, Motus is focused on making work-life better for mobile employees and their employers, by isolating business and personal mileage, and calculating accurate costs associated with each. “We want to help employers and employees understand that there’s a better way to more effectively, fairly and accurately reimburse employees who drive for work,” says Powell.

Just as every organization in the world has to follow a prescribed set of laws and guidelines, mileage reimbursement is subject to compliance with labor laws set by various jurisdictions globally. Motus ensures compliance with these typically complex policies, while also governing the client’s own internal policies, resulting in the delivery of an accurate reimbursement for each individual driver that is based on their unique attributes, behavior, geography and more. When distributing the Motus app across their entire fleet of mobile workers, clients effectively transform their vehicle programs into automated, cost saving, and compliant tools that help their employees streamline historically burdensome administrative tasks.

Both employers and their workers benefit from the accurate calculation of mileage-related costs. Powell holds that the Motus platform “can be configured to compute either an accurate reimbursable amount or personal use chargeback, depending on whether they’re driving their own vehicle or using a company-owned car.”

We want to help employers and employees understand that there’s a better way to more effectively, fairly, and accurately reimburse employees who drive for work

By ensuring reimbursements are done fairly, accurately and in a compliant way, Motus improves the relationship between employers and employees, mitigating risks and reducing costs for employers while ensuring fair and accurate reimbursements for their employees. Motus also makes life easier for drivers by eliminating related manual administrative tasks such as mileage tracking, capturing and reporting T&E activities, and making CRM entries, to name a few.

“We stand alongside our employer partners as they save money, drive compliance and gain efficiencies,” Powell emphasizes. When asked about a customer success story, Powell recalled a global beverage customer that faced a number of common fleet management issues: operational and cost inefficiencies, motor vehicle accidents and poor visibility into field-level employee activities. Working with Motus, the company created a more sustainable and efficient underlying vehicle program that now delivers reduced costs and liability, ensures compliance, and delivers much more accurate mileage tracking and reimbursement calculations. In the end, the vehicle-related costs for this customer were reduced by over 50 percent.

The fleet management industry is increasingly aware that the traditional, manual and paper-heavy way of administering vehicle programs is soon to be a thing of the past. Motus is working to reinvent the idea of fleet management, to make greater use of the advanced technologies that are available today, both domestically and abroad. Talking about the direction Motus is heading in the next couple of years, Powell states that the “big areas of focus for us are around continued internationalization of our platform and applying our business’ rules engine to new foreign jurisdictions.”