Tenna: Tenna's IoT Asset Management Platform for Industrial Businesses - Fleet Tracking and More

Austin Conti, Co-founder & CEO, TennaAustin Conti, Co-founder & CEO
How can industrial organizations unleash the full potential of their equipment, fleet, and other physical assets? Most companies today harness new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to remotely manage their logistics functions and operate efficiently. The absence of a system to efficiently track and manage assets in realtime to streamline operations remains a major challenge for businesses not using IoT. Industrial businesses bear additional overhead costs when unscheduled maintenance, idle time, and unnecessary asset replacements are needlessly purchased or rented. Spurring a revolution in the fleet management solutions space, Tenna offers the advantages of real-time tracking and analytics through its asset management platform to help businesses maintain and optimize their fleet assets to operate more efficiently.

Tenna’s asset management platform supports multiple functionalities including a GPS-based live data asset tracking feature that allows owners to track their fleet in real time as their vehicles move around the map. “Our cellular trackers use GPS data to provide precise asset position and supports efficient vehicle routing and post-trip summaries. These features and reports are accessible from anywhere via mobile devices with the Tenna app,” explains Austin Conti, Co- founder and CEO of Tenna.

The cloud-based platform automatically receives diagnostics, telematics, and operational data from Tenna’s trackers and processes them to present actionable insights to the management team. This empowers users with centralized visibility over physical assets operating from multiple locations.

For fleet tracking specifically, Tenna’s platform includes a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) application which supports compliance with common fleet regulations and increases the safe performance of drivers and vehicles. Tenna can also be harnessed to gain insights on the performance and behavior of individual drivers. For example, if a driver is hard braking, speeding, idling, or not wearing a seatbelt, managers are notified of these events through the Tenna app.

The app provides a driver scorecard for businesses to assess the productivity of drivers and identify areas for improvement.

Our cellular trackers use GPS data to provide precise asset position and supports efficient vehicle routing and post-trip summaries. These features and reports are accessible from anywhere via mobile devices with the Tenna app

Tenna provides predictive analytics, enabling managers to predict the likelihood of a future breakdown or maintenance need using telematics and operational data. “Managers can harness Tenna’s data to better predict future asset performance based on historical maintenance records and previous performance as captured on the platform. This data eliminates unnecessary repair/replacement costs and reduces impacts to productivity,” says Conti.

As a case in point, a client operating out of Florida with job sites dispersed across multiple southeastern states adopted Tenna’s fleet management technologies into their central system and witnessed significant improvements in visibility, safe performance and asset maintenance coordination.

A particularly unique feature of the Tenna platform is a business-to-business public marketplace—an online database of industrial assets that allows users to buy, sell, or rent physical assets easily without time-consuming auctions or commission fees.

Built to provide managers the ability to track a wide range of assets in real time, Tenna’s goal is to be the most comprehensive asset management company in construction and the industrial segment.

“With many companies taking advantage of IoT fleet management technologies, Tenna strives to bring value by offering an affordable method of tracking other asset types alongside fleet assets on a single platform. This allows businesses to affordably track their tools, parts, inventory, equipment and other assets together on the same platform as their fleet to provide insights across all of their owned assets, company-wide,” says Conti. Tenna appeals to multiple business types because they can track essentially anything and deliver data onto one platform for their client’s convenience.