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Top 10 Fleet Management Solution Companies - 2019

With gradual advancements in business processes, organizations have come to understand the importance of fleet and transport management. However, faulty fleet management can take a business downhill in a bolting speed and expose it to challenges of frequent freight threat, untimely breakdowns, and many more. However, gone are those days when entrepreneurs would spend their entire business cycle stressing over their vehicles and transport management. The industry has traveled to the digital side of the evolution, where several technological advancements like telematics and GPS tracking are disrupting the way fleet management function.

In the wake of such trends, Logistics Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 fleet management solution providers to guide enterprises harness the power of technology, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies. Bringing you a package of exciting and happening revelations in the realm of fleet management, in our recent edition, we have featured some companies and their CEOs talking about how their revolutionary yet simple solution is driving innovation in the business process of their clients. To further substantiate the fleet technology’s transformation, CIOs working in the realm have also penned down their insights on the use of the technology in conducting flexible and cost-effective fleet management. We hope this issue of the Logistics Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven business.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Fleet Management Solution Providers – 2019.”

    Top Fleet Management Solution Companies

  • Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and with over 40 years of experience, Command Alkon believes in building a fantasy world. As a supplier collaboration platform for construction’s extensive work, Command Alkon dramatically improves how contractors, bulk material suppliers, logistics providers, Jobsite inspectors, project owners, and more interactive. The company works together and grows together capabilities deliver increased productivity, real-time visibility, keen business insights, and certainty of outcomes when building things that matter. The Command Alkon team, along with the software and technology, has empowered customers to achieve higher levels of quality and profitability across their projects and operations


  • Hwy Haul was established with a mission to digitalize freight brokerage and disrupt the $800B Transportation market. They aim to deploy technology for connecting enterprises to truckers in a seamless manner and foster a transparent and reliable transaction eliminating any intermediary friction. With Hwy Haul's convenient and easy to use system supports truckers, shippers, and carriers, making it easy for everyone to connect, book, and confirm loads in real-time. The company uses the latest technology and innovative software to ensure that they offer the best solution to both truckers and shippers. Utilizing machine learning and advanced data analytics, Hwy Haul provides the best-optimized shipping truckload service


  • Founded in 1999, MasTrack is a GPS tracking manufacturer that provides the most reliable and affordable GPS Tracking products and services to individuals and families as well as to municipalities, government agencies, and small and large businesses alike. Their product meets the unique needs of museums, auction houses, art collectors, and security personnel tasked with the transport of high valued cargo. The company provides easy to use GPS solutions for all walks of life. With an easy to use platform, customers can track their vehicles and monitor driver behavior in real-time


  • Super Dispatch's TMS has revolutionized the car hauling industry through cutting edge technology and a platform tailored to the unique needs of car hauliers. The company provides operational efficiency by significantly reducing the amount of time and money it takes to complete the vehicle shipping procedure. Thousands of Carriers using Super Dispatch are getting paid faster, eliminating paperwork and streamlining every aspect of their car hauling operation in a fraction of the time it took before. Super Dispatch's TMS solves car hauliers everyday challenges by putting cutting edge technology in the hands of fleets


  • Tenna is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company that helps industrial organizations to find more value from their equipment and physical assets. The company delivers industrial asset tracking and analytics to clients in construction, equipment rental, logistics, transportation and utilities who seek to control and optimize their business. Clients rely on Tenna solutions to track and manage inventories of critical equipment, vehicles and materials, and gain increased control and maximum efficiency of their physical assets. The company’s asset software and asset tracking devices integrate all of an organization’s real-time tracking needs so that an organization’s entire inventory is managed on one asset management tracking system


  • MiX Telematics (JSE: MIX)

    MiX Telematics (JSE: MIX)

    MiX Telematics, founded in 1996, is a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions. The company’s products and services provide enterprise fleets, small fleets, and consumers with solutions for safety, efficiency, compliance, and security. Using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, MiX Telematics delivers its solutions to customers. Their fleet management solutions provide actionable intelligence to solve complex vehicle- and driver-related problems from high fuel consumption to driver safety concerns and costly maintenance requirements. Also, they improve fleet safety, efficiency, compliance while improving driver and fleet security

  • Chevin Fleet Solutions

    Chevin Fleet Solutions

    Established in 1990, Chevin Fleet Solutions is a global provider of flexible enterprise fleet management information systems. Chevin works closely with businesses, regardless of size, sector, or fleet complexity, to reduce waste, streamline processes and optimize the management of fleet assets. The company also provides software and mobile Apps to simplify every facet of fleet management from the complete financial and performance overview of vehicles and equipment - to policy and supervision of drivers, technicians, and workshops. The company offers businesses and organizations a unique and flexible way to manage, automate, and consolidate their fleet processes into one integrated fleet management system

  • Ryder System

    Ryder System

    Ryder is a Fortune 500® commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation, and supply chain solutions company. The company is regularly recognized for its industry-leading practices in third-party logistics, environmentally-friendly fleet and supply chain solutions, world-class safety and security programs, and hiring of military veterans. It provides an innovative supply chain and fleet solutions that are reliable, safe, and efficient, enabling customers to deliver on their promises. It works with clients to simplify their fleet purchasing responsibilities and reduce their spending on aftermarket truck parts, shop supplies, and safety items

  • Teletrac Navman

    Teletrac Navman

    Teletrac Navman is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider leveraging location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets. With specialized solutions that deliver greater visibility into real-time insights and analytics, Teletrac Navman assists the companies to make better business decisions that improve productivity and profitability. The company’s fleet and asset management technology uncovers information that would otherwise go unseen, helping consumers to reduce risk and confidently move their business forward with certainty. It tracks and manages more than 500,000 vehicles and assets for more than 40,000 companies around the world. The headquarter of the company is in Glenview, IL, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico

  • Verizon Connect

    Verizon Connect

    Verizon Connect is guiding a connected world on the go by automating, optimizing and revolutionizing the way people, vehicles and things move through the world. The company’s full suite of industry-defining solutions and services put innovation, automation and connected data to work for customers and help them be safer, more efficient and more productive. With more than 3,500 dedicated employees in 15 countries, the company delivers leading mobile technology platforms and solutions. The company also work for various industries like oil, gas & mining, construction & heavy equipment, transportation & logistics, government & public safety, and many others